Classifieds Posting Tips

Posted by Vikas Kiro at 06:43
    Classifieds Posting Tips
  • Think of the audience you are targeting, visualize the reader and write the ad as if you are talking face-to face.
  • Use an effective headline on your ad that will inform and catch the reader's interest.
  • Start the ad with the product, service or job you are advertising.
  • Provide specific details of the product. Point out benefits and features. The more information you provide the reader, the better the response.
  • When selling a product, be sure to include the cost. Research studies show you will get better response than if you don't include a price.
  • Make the ad easy to read, by including Bold Type on headings, white space around the ad, borders, graphics or logos that will make your ad stand out from the rest. Your ad will have more impact on the reader if it is visually pleasing.
  • Remember there are new readers every day, so your ad should appear the maximum amount of times offered to get the best exposure.
  • Use abbreviations sparingly or not at all; readers will not call for an explanation if they do not understand your ad. (See list of acceptable abbreviations below)

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