Get Some Valuable Blog Commenting Tips to Accelerate Your Ranking

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Get Some Valuable Do Follow Blog Commenting Tips.

Hi friends, It’s well known that dofollow blog commenting is a great way of getting quality backlinks to your website, which helps to boost your site’s PR as well as lifts your keyword ranking. But it is very difficult to identify high PR dofollow blogs for blog commenting. So after identification, it is best to take all essential steps to make sure your blog comments to be approved.
The most effective way to get high quality backlink is by commenting on blogs, specifically blogs with high Page Rank. But, there are two types of blogs for commenting.  They are dofollow and nofollow.
What is dofollow and nofollow blogs?
Nofollow links in a comment do not consider for Page Rank while dofollow do. Some site owners claim that nofollow links do help SEO while the majority of the webmasters say otherwise. But it is better to go for the dofollow blogs to post your comment.
blog commenting tips
In Last week I was succeed to post only 35 blog comments in which I got 28 approvals, means 28 quality and do-follow backlinks. That is really priceless.
By taking the following 10 steps you can increase the chances of your blog comments being approved :
  1. Read the entire blog post and understand the topic. By doing that you can make a decent blog comment.
  2. Target blog topics in those you have pretty good knowledge and experience. That makes you more comfortable when writing a comment.
  3. Your comment must be related to the post you are trying to comment on. That makes the site owner to think positive about you. Friends, remember that some comments like “very informative post” “great post” “awesome post” “I will visit your site again”  etc are treated as spam comments in this days. “Great post.” – is not a meaningful comment at all. So don’t do that..
  4. Most of the site owners don’t like approving comments with only keywords included into the name field. To get SEO benefits, you can search by the term “YourName@YourKeywords”. You can find huge number of sites which are using “Comments Luv” and “Keywords Luv”wordpress plugin. In the name field you can insert your targeted keyword like this “Vikas @making money online”.
  5. Search for Blogs with comments which were approved recently. You definitely don’t wish to waste your time and efforts going after blogs that aren’t active thisdays. So find only those blogs which have been recently commented on.
  6. Search for posts that are just published. As these posts are new, the blog owner may likely to approve fairly well written comments unlike later on when comments on that post become over loaded.
  7. Try to find blogs that use the “comment luv”, “keyword luv”  WP plugins. These blogs are more comment friendly and thus your comments have a better chance of getting approved. It’s excellent for commenting as it places a link to your blog’s latest blog post.
  8. Don’t make more than one comment on a particular blog post a day. Some blog owner may consider this as spam.
  9. It’s recommended to use your own picture. It makes your comment more original. It also helps to build your brand online.
  10. There will be no much SEO benefit for you leaving comments on the Travel blogs if that’s not your niche market. You should visit and comment on blogs with similar interests as yours. You can search by the term  YourName@YourKeywords says “Keywords”  and get lots of blog post target to your niche.
Blog commenting can be a great way to drive traffic if it is done correctly. So learn this technique and use that properly to get better ranking and traffic too.

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