Remove Footer Credit Links From Blogger Templates

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Remove Footer Credit Links From Blogger TemplatesMany websites are available on the internet which provides very stylish blogger template at very low cost. If you purchase their template than that template will not contain any credit link. These websites also provide most of the free blogger template with Non-removable credit link. Means, what? If you’ll try to remove credit link from their template, then your blog will automatically redirect to their website(Homepage or a particular site). This is because they added some JavaScript into their free templates. In other hand, if you undo the changes and keep their original credit of template then it works perfectly.

Basically, newbies blogger don’t want to invest money in purchasing any premium template and thus, use these types of free template for their blog. Many of them are trying to remove credit link but unsuccessful, if you are one of them then no need to wait more. Because here I have shared the method by which you can remove footer link and stop redirecting to any website.

How to Remove Credit Link?
Actually, these links are attached with some JavaScript or CSS. Finding JavaScript from the template and then removing is too boring and time-consuming also it requires lot’s of effort to do this. But in other hand, you can easily hide the credit/footer link via CSS. This method is very simple and takes only 2 minutes.
Steps to Remove Credit/Footer Link:

  • First of all, go to
  • Just Login to your Blogger Profile and select your blog.
  • Now go to Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML

Remove Footer Credit Links From Blogger Templates, Edit HTML

  • Click anywhere and Search For Designed By Using CTRL + F, If you can't find Designed By keyword, search For Template By Or similar word.
  • You can see the following codes there;

  • Remove Footer Credit

  • Now, Just Before Designed By letter, copy and paste this code; <div style="visibility:hidden"> and at last, </div> after </a> like The Given Picture;

  • Remove Footer Credit from Blogger

    • The Code should Be Like This;
    <div style="visibility:hidden">Copyright (c) 2016 <a href="" target="_blank" title="Blogger Templates">Site RK</a> 
    by<a href="" target="_blank" title="Blogger Templates"> Site RK</a></div>

    • Now, you need to Save your Template.

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